Our world-class greenhouse, located behind the headquarters building that also accommodates our global research center, resembles two flying butterflies from the aerial view, an architecture design that aptly describes its purpose. Tailor-made for CH Biotech by a Dutch greenhouse manufacturer, the greenhouse for efficacy trials is built by using steel, aluminum, and a wide range of equipment imported from the Netherlands. It is a greenhouse with unrivaled specifications in Taiwan.
The design incorporates a series of conditions specific to a given target area, including weather conditions, geologic factors, crop types, and research needs. This allows all the necessary tests to be carried out before a product is introduced from a phytotron to a given field. Among the greenhouse's features are:
It simulates the natural environment;
It offers a high-spec enclosed space for crop disease research;
It combines diffusing glass panels and LED sources to ensure lighting all year round;
It is well equipped with an automatic sprinkler system, a water conservation and wastewater treatment, and a smart environmental control system;
It develops a diversified set of growing techniques, including hanging, aeroponics, hydroponics, pot planting, and direct soil planting, to fit the crop type and the purpose of an experiment.