Global R&D Center

Since its inception, CH Biotech has positioned itself as an innovator in the agricultural biotechnology industry. Rather than develop generic products with short development timelines and lower margins, we pride ourselves on our R&D capabilities. We believe the only way to succeed in the market is to provide agrochemical formulations that are globally unique and peerlessly effective.
Our R&D moat is reinforced by a dual focus on expertise and facilities. Talents and research methods are the foundation for our expertise. Our research team has grown from six in 2014 to dozens of peoples today. The members, all of whom hold PhD or Master's degrees in agricultural biotechnology, are Taiwan-trained experts with global perspectives. Their R&D prowess is complemented by a thorough and robust research system, in which all aspects of plants, from genotyping to phenotyping, are examined and tested for product development.
On facilities front, our NT$2 billion global research center is the centerpiece. Some of its important facts are as follows:
Groundbreaking date: September 3, 2016.
Investment: NT$2 billion, or just over US$66.8 million.
Research scope: from sowing to harvesting, from genetyping to phenotyping, from plants to surrounding ecosystems.
Floor area: the center is a three-storied building with one basement floor, covering a total floor area of 35,711 square meters.
Opening date: June 19, 2018.
Inside the Global Research Center
International Conference Hall
The theater-style conference hall has a seating capacity of 250 people. There are also several large conference rooms that can each accommodate dozens of people. The hall is an important venue where we seek to raise Taiwan's academic profile in the global agricultural biotechnology arena by hosting international seminars.
Flavor Classrooms
In connection with our Flavor Quality Lab, we set up dedicated classrooms on the first floor to analyze chemicals that affect the flavors of tea and coffee, two of the most popular drinks in the world. We start with field management, with the eventual goal of improving their flavors.
Research Area
The second floor accommodates Foundation Labs and Solution Labs. In total there are fourteen labs and eight phytotrons. Based on climate data from major agricultural countries, the latter control humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors, and help develop formulations that suit the needs of target markets.
Our world-class greenhouse is tailor-made for CH Biotech by a Dutch greenhouse manufacturer. It is a greenhouse with unrivaled specifications in Taiwan.