Press Release

CH Biotech and Chung Hsing University Jointly Set up Research College

CH Biotech and Chung Hsing University on January 26 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on joint efforts to create Chung Hsing – CH Biotech Research College. With a focus on modern agriculture, and its MA and PhD programs, the new college will combine academic research and industrial technology and serve as a platform from which to develop top talents in one of Taiwan’s key industries. It will be the first university college of its kind to be established under the Ministry of Education’s latest initiative to advance industry–academia collaboration.
The MOU was signed in the CH Biotech headquarters by Fu-sheng Shieu, President of Chung Hsing University, and Chen-pang Wu, Chairman of CH Biotech.
The college will take full advantage of both parties’ strengths. CH Biotech, an agricultural biotechnology leader in Taiwan, will provide funding and internship opportunities. Chung Hsing University, with its agricultural experience spanning a century, will be responsible for program planning. Its MA and PhD programs will offer monthly grants of NT$20,000 and NT$30,000–50,000 respectively, to attract talented young people to the field of advanced agricultural R&D.
The Education Ministry’s bill to further facilitate collaboration between universities and key industries was adopted in late 2020, and is currently under deliberation by legislators. Once it becomes law, every public university will be able to establish an independent college that concentrates on Taiwan’s priority industries. The regulatory relaxations will give universities greater flexibility in areas of institutional organization, personnel, finances, assets, talent development, and procurement. Companies will be able to enter into collaborations in a more effective and responsibly manner. Chung Hsing – CH Biotech Research College will be created and run according to these principles.
Shieu noted that with its experienced faculty and first-class agricultural technology, Chung Hsing University has become an important cradle for agricultural talents and a think tank for the government. For years, its College of Agriculture & Natural Resources has undertaken advanced research through international collaborations, covering areas of biotechnology, natural resources conservation, and sustainable agriculture.
By establishing a research-oriented college, CH Biotech and Chung Hsing University will make use of each other’s strengths and will look to attract young talents, innovate, and create a new milestone in Taiwan’s agricultural biotechnology industry.

(This press release is provided by Chung Hsing University)