Press Release

International Coffee Research Institute to Open – Connecting the supply chain

The International Coffee Research Institute (ICRI), initiated by CH Biotech chairman Chen-pang Wu, was recently given regulatory approval to open. It will become the first non-profit organization in Taiwan to concentrate on coffee research. From seeds to beans to coffee in the cup, various aspects of the supply chain will be covered. Among the coffee enthusiasts that have signed up for membership are several well-known academics, a winner of an international coffee contest, and an owner of a prestigious coffee farm.
Wu highlighted five objectives of the ICRI. It aims to:
1) promote coffee-related research, exchanges, and collaboration among coffee communities at home and abroad;
2) facilitate exchanges of knowledge and experiences;
3) host academic seminars, forums, and workshops at home and abroad;
4) set up a platform where it will hold government or academia-commissioned activities to promote public understanding of coffee, and;
5) organize a wide range of coffee competitions, to give Taiwan’s coffee an even better competitive edge internationally.
It is worth noting that the ICRI is Taiwan’s first non-profit organization focused on scientific research of the coffee supply chain, encompassing areas such as coffee plant varieties, cultivation management, agricultural chemicals development, and everything about coffee beans (including processing, roasting, grinding, and brewing). The institute will work with CH Biotech’s own Flavor Lab and other coffee-related organizations on field tests, chemical analysis, and ‘big data’ databases, setting its sights on helping to increase the value of Taiwan’s coffee industry.
Coffee is called ‘black gold’ for a reason. Between 2008 and 2018, Taiwan’s annual imports of coffee beans more than doubled, according to official trade data. To capitalize on the growth potential of the coffee industry, Wu said, CH Biotech will continue its efforts on coffee education and promotion. In addition to developing agricultural chemicals for coffee farms, last May the company hosted a coffee bean competition that invited growers from Taiwan and China. In July, the Sensory Forum, the first international event of this kind in Taiwan, attracted around 200 coffee lovers.
With the ICRI, CH Biotech seeks to play an important role in connecting the dots in the supply chain and encouraging more effort on scientific research into coffee. Indeed, coffee is more than just a drink!