Press Release

COFFEELAND Hosts Sensory Forum to Infuse Leading Sensory Science into Taiwan's Coffee Scene

CH Biotech (TWSE: 6534), in collaboration with Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), kicked off Sensory Forum on July 18, the first time this international coffee event has been held in Taiwan. The two-day forum took place in CH Biotech's global headquarters, located in central Taiwan, where specially-invited sensory experts gave a series of lectures. With nearly 200 coffee professionals from across Asia in attendance, it was truly an international event.
Among the lecturers was Peter Giuliano, chief research officer of SCA, as well as sensory experts from the U.S., Switzerland, Belgium, and Brazil. They provided insights on a range of coffee-related topics, including the latest research on coffee sensory analysis, the sensory science behind cold brew coffee, and the sensory descriptive from a neurological perspective. Through incorporating a variety of background music and tasting exercises, a number of hands-on sessions gave the attendees an opportunity to experience interactions between science and the human senses to better understand what goes into making a top-quality cup of coffee.
The list of attendees was equally as impressive as the speakers, including some well-known names in Taiwan's coffee industry. One of them was Fang Cheng-lun, who runs Zhou Zhu Yuan Farm, a coffee bean farm up in Ali Mountain, and has won several international contests for his beans. Lupin Liu, the 2014 World Cup Tasters Champion, the first one in Asia to win the prestigious award, also participated.
At the forum, CH Biotech also revealed COFFEELAND to the public for the first time. The coffee research center won the right to host this year's Sensory Forum after defeating many candidates with its scientific research and high-spec facilities. Established in 2018, COFFEELAND does most of its work in the Flavor Quality Lab of CH Biotech’s Global Research Center, where it also operates four SCA-certified classrooms. With their top-notch quality and wide-ranging functionality, the facilities are second to none in Taiwan.
COFFEELAND covers everything about coffee, from the seeds and beans, to the drink in your cup. At the very front end of the value chain are the field management of coffee trees and the development of agricultural chemicals and machinery, all with an aim to enhance the flavor of coffee berries. At the later stages, scientific data, including data related to the production, roasting, grinding, and brewing of coffee beans, is collected and analyzed.
Moreover, the coffee classrooms provide various lessons and feature SCA-certified lecturers, helping coffee professionals hone their skills and prepare for certification tests. The plan is for lessons to be made available to general coffee lovers in the future, who will be able to learn in the high-end classrooms how to brew or taste coffee.
With a trade value of over US$100 billion (NT$3 trillion) globally, coffee is the world's most profitable crop, according to Business Insider. But different environmental conditions and microbial ecosystems create different coffee berries, which affects the precursors of raw bean aroma and, ultimately, determines the price range of coffee beans. While Taiwan's coffee market is thriving and professionals are making their mark on the global stage, there is still much room for improvement in the quality of locally-produced coffee beans.
"By using SCA's Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel, we define the flavors required in specialty beans and then identify the key substances in plants that affect these flavors. In doing so, we aim to build up a big database of specialty beans' chemical fingerprints." CH Biotech Chairman Chen-Pang Wu said during the forum. He hopes that COFFEELAND, equipped with the latest technology and expertise, will help local beans achieve cupping results that meet the highest standards, supporting them to become sought-after varieties among international buyers and, like coffee professionals, to have an important place in the world.