Press Release

CHB 2017 financial statements and surplus distribution

CH Biotech (hereafter as “CHB”, stock code: 6534), convenes a meeting of Board of Directors on the 13th and passes a resolution regarding its financial statements and surplus distribution, which will distribute $1.2177 in share and $2.7 in cash per share as dividends. Its upcoming annual Shareholders Meeting is scheduled to be hold on June 5th.

CHB has steadily adopted high dividend payout ratio as its dividend policy since its registration at Emerging Stock Market, of which the goal is to reward its shareholders with profits earned by every employee. Today, the Board of Directors just approved the dividend distribution from surplus that will be distributing relatively $1.2177 in share and $2.7 in cash, and the capital will raise to $0.6 billion from $0.534 billion.

Another major proposal approved at the meeting is the organization restructuring. CHB will establish an Audit Committee in its organization to improve its self-management and internal auditing system and to strengthen the Board of Directors’ function. CHB says, the term of current Directors will come to an end, and an election for new Directors will be undertaken on June 5th. A change of members of the Board when the relevant proposals being approved at the Shareholders Meeting, from 6 directors (including 3 independent directors) and 3 supervisors to 7 directors (including 3 independent directors).

For the future prospect in 2018, CHB’s R&D team has successively obtained registrations for products and commercialized them. In terms of numbers of customers, CHB will continue to expand its markets in Australia, Canada, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina besides its stable sales territories in the USA. These three development directions would keep boosting CHB’s business growth, and CHB will continue to commit to R&D in agricultural biotechnology, putting its best effort into generating the best benefits for shareholders and employees and pursuing substantial development.