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CH Biotech Signs Industry-Academia Collaboration MOU with NTU College of Bio Resources and Agriculture

CH Biotech today announced that it had signed an industry-academia memorandum of understanding (MOU) with National Taiwan University’s College of BioResources and Agriculture. The MOU was signed by CH Biotech’s Chairman Chenpang Wu and College Dean Huu-Sheng Lur. In the future, both parties will collaborate in incubation of agricultural biotechnology products and talent nurturing, so as to join forces in promoting the fruits of Taiwan’s academic research in the world market.
Chairman Wu said that CH Biotech focuses on developing new agricultural biotechnology drugs and has always competed head to head with internationally renowned agrochemical manufacturers from the UK, Germany and the US. In an era where most of the world's cutting-edge technologies are centralized in the American market, large retailers tend to avoid working with smaller firms to prevent issues such as phytotoxicity. However, CH Biotech has established itself in the American market with the support of strong data (both research and validation).
Now, the markets that CH Biotech is looking at have expanded from the US to also include Canada, Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Australia. To further boost the company's R&D strength, CH Biotech has chosen to work with the College of BioResources and Agriculture at NTU. This will bring in forward-looking key technologies and help CH Biotech and the College to tap into the global market together.
Dean Lur said that the signing of the MOU with CH Biotech today is a milestone, as this is the first time that the College of BioResources and Agriculture has represented itself in signing an MOU. Dean Lur further pointed out that while most agricultural biotechnology firms in Taiwan tend to follow a “me too” R&D model (such as with generic drugs), CH Biotech has chosen the most difficult path, developing new drugs. The Dean highlighted two of CH Biotech’s biggest strengths: determination and talent. With the newest equipment and standardized R&D procedures, the College will use its copious academic resources and highly skilled talent as it collaborates with CH Biotech to bring new qualitative changes to the global agricultural biotechnology market.
About the National Taiwan University College of BioResources and Agriculture

Established in 1928 as the College of Science and Agriculture of Taihoku Imperial University, the National Taiwan University College of BioResources and Agriculture now has over nine decades of history. The College nowadays encompasses the Departments of Agronomy, Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, Agricultural Chemistry, Plant Pathology & Microbiology, Entomology, Animal Science and Technology, Agricultural Economics, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Bio-Industry Communication and Development and of Bio-lndustrial Mechatronics Engineering. The College also has graduate institutes of Food Science, Biotechnology, Veterinary Clinical Science, Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology, and Plant Medicine, for a total of 17 departments and institutes. Their research and teaching span the fields of science, engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, bioscience, medicine, public health, sociology, and management, making for a comprehensive College.