Press Release

CH Biotech Successfully Issues Common Stock for Cash

CH Biotech (stock code: 6534) announced today (the 26th) that the Company has had received NTD$356,580,000 after issuing 2,547,000 common shares at the price NTD$140 per share. January 26th will be the base date for common stock issuance for cash.
CH Biotech’s headquarter and R&D center is located in the Central Taiwan Science Park in Nantou County. As announced on October 27, 2016, the total amount of investment will be increased from NT$1.5 billion to 2 billion. The cash obtained from this stock issuance will be invested in the building of the R&D center.
CH Biotech's company headquarter and R&D center is projected to be a building of 1 underground floor and 3 above-ground floors, with R&D and greenhouse facility. The total floor space of the R&D center would be 35,711 square meters, and it is expected to be Taiwan's first international R&D center integrating plant systems. The center will help CH Biotech's long-term operations and will boost Taiwan's status in the international agrochemical field.