Press Release

CHB won the 14th National Innovation Award

The grand ceremony of National Innovation Award was hold on Dec. 9th, where CH Biotech won the Industry Innovation Award for the category of agriculture and food biotechnology with its regulation technology of plants’ stress resistance for more environment-friendly and better food safety, and the director Roy Han represented to receive the award.

The UN has issued a warning in Sep. 2017, indicating that the occurrence rate of extreme climate is three times higher than in 1970, which may lead to food shortage and cause famine for 120 million people.

 In order to tackle the dilemma impacting global agriculture, CH Biotech commits its research to the pathway “gene expression-metabolism-physiological conditions-cell development-plant growth”, following the life pattern within plants. Through systematic and scientific research, improvement and innovation, CH Biotech has finally succeed to improve plants’ resistance to stressful environments with newly developed regulation technology and earned the recognition for patent in the USA.

 CH Biotech’s technology can active plants’ defense mechanism in advance to withstand extreme climatic conditions such as floods, cold/heat waves and droughts and then raise their survival rate. This technology can reduce agricultural losses in terms of yield and quality caused by severe environmental conditions and stabilize the supply source of crops.

Moreover, CH Biotech’s product contains natural compounds, which will effectively boost and protect plant’s development with extremely low dosage. The technology plays an essential role in producing high quality, nuisance-free and organic green food for its features of low dosage/residue and high effectiveness/output-input ratio. According to the judges of National Innovation Award, the technology can improve stress tolerance in crops and regulate their resistance with natural compounds, delivering significant effectiveness to various crops.

CH Biotech’s new headquarter and R&D center under construction is estimated to launch in the beginning of 2018. At the ceremony, the judges have specifically given credits to CH Biotech’s competent and professional research team and believed that its talent structure has set a precedent in the biotechnological industry. And thanks to its remarkable structure, cooperation with academic institutions and strategic alliance with international enterprises, CH Biotech is able to maintain competitive edge among global markets.