Press Release

CH Biotech won Grand Prize of ASPA Awards 2017

CTSP has recently participated in the 21st Conference Annual Asian Science Park Association in Ho Chi Minh City, where the elected company CH Biotech R&D Co., LTD. has won the Grand Prize of ASPA Awards 2017.

The purpose of the selection of ASPA Awards is to encourage companies that possess remarkable business strategies, innovative technology development, outstanding management performance and prospective vision. All companies recommended had to go through an evaluation based on various perspectives of growth potential, earning power, technological capability, stability and innovation capacity. Through a competitive primary documentary review, CH Biotech, Andes Technology and another 2 companies from Iran stand out to compete for the Grand Prize.

CH Biotech that was established in the late 2013 is committing to development of advanced agricultural biotechnology. Their products are now widely applied to crops such as corns, wheats, soybeans, fruit trees and have penetrated into some major agricultural markets in the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Argentina, helping increase and improve quantity and quality.

At the final selection, Ivy Li the Deputy Director of CH Biotech delivers a presentation regarding the test results of “Weathermend” applied at vineyards in Changhua, illustrating that the technology can help maintain the integrity of cell membrane when plants are faced with extreme climate changes. Weathermend can also effectively reduce death rate and damages occurring to plants due to climate changes, which can guarantee stable income for farmers and ease food shortage. In the end, the presentation of CH Biotech at 21st Conference ASPA has made a successful promotion on its prospective development and innovative technology, earning recognition of judges from different countries and winning the Grand Prize.

In order to stay ahead in the field of global agricultural biotechnology, more than CH Biotech’s employees are allocated in the Department of R&D. Moreover, CH Biotech has launched an investment over $1.5 billion TWD in CTSP for the construction of corporation headquarter and global integrate research center for plant system. The Director-General Ming-Huang Chen says, CTSP will uphold the spirit of service and provide necessary assistance for CH Biotech’s inauguration of new headquarter in 2018 and work together to propel agricultural industry development in Taiwan. 

(Courtesy of  CTSP press lease, 2017.10.26)