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On August 23rd, 2016 , Yu Hong Can (from left of the photo), professor of Department of Life Sciences, National Taiwan University, and Chen Hong Hua, Distinguished Professor of Department of Life Sciences, National Cheng Kung University and director of Orchid Research Center, Brent Smith, Vice President of LPI of AGRIUM Group, Chenpang Wu, chairman of CHB, Wang Hui Liang, vice principal of National Kaohsiung Normal University, John Wolf, General Manager of CHB, and Roy Han, director of CHB, are gathering together to start Industry-University Collaboration Projects.

Do you have any creative idea that could help feed 9.7 billion people by 2050?  We are always looking for partners to work with us!

This world has two endpoints.

One is a global market with annual output value of NT trillions, led by agricultural powers as the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Australia.

The other one is Taiwan's agricultural biotechnology academic research results which has silently endeavored for many years.

In the past, these two endpoints have rarely had a linkage, making Taiwan's outstanding academic achievements confined to this tiny island for a long time. This results in Taiwan agricultural biotechnology gaps between industry and academics and limited development of high-level talents. Even for research results with a lot of manpower and resources put in, they have difficulty producing economic benefits.

Now, CH BIOTECH R&D CO., LTD. is going to take the lead in changing this situation.

CHB has been cooperating with Agrium Inc., the world's largest retail agricultural materials supplier, for 10 years and this business model is getting more mature while its influence to US market is also growing.

CHB hopes to become a platform to link the two endpoints and build a bridge in the middle, and that will enable Taiwan's rich agricultural biotechnology academic achievements to enter the international market through cooperation with CHB.

If you hope that your own research achievements in the laboratory will have a real effect on the farms of the other side of the planet;

If you hope that the direction of future research can be closer to the real needs of the world population, and bring a fundamental change in the vast plant world;

Then, please bring your precious ideas and research achievements to join our platform.

Where you start changing the world, is at CHB.

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