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CH Biotech R & D Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology leader in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of proprietary plant growth regulators (PGR’s) and specialty micronutrient fertilizers.

Through patent pending technology, CH Biotech has successfully demonstrated how our products will help improve plant growth in the Agricultural, Turf and Ornamental markets.

By increasing the levels of naturally occurring Auxins and Cytokinins within the plant, our products are able to stimulate and increase root development, efficiently utilize more of the available water and nutrients, aid in overcoming environmental stress factors, and help the plant become less susceptible to disease. All of which lead to increased crop production, quality, and shelf-life.

CH Biotech has several established products and a pipeline of new formulations designed to create significant value which will provide an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) to the growers. These products have proven performance and are labeled for use on a wide variety of crops grown throughout the United States. CH Biotech technology continues to maintain its rapid growth and is currently applied on over 4 million acres annually.

We, at CH Biotech, are very excited to be part of the important Agricultural and Horticultural Industries in the United States and will continues to strive to help Agronomists, Horticulturalists, and Ag Producers improve the natural productivity of plants while continuing to enhance the quality of production.

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